Rhythm of big city life is imposing new rules, and increasing of life quality comes to the forefront. Due to everyday hustle and bustle people not always have enough time on simple things, which make them being more happy. “Respublika” is developed in order to give people more time and possibilities to enjoy life. As everything needed is nearby: cozy residential quarter with all necessary infrastructure, as well as the biggest in Ukraine shopping and entertainment center.

Complex, composed of three levels: parking, commercial zone and zone of entertainment, welcomes guests with fourteen front entrances, equipped with travolators, elevators and escalators.

The most exciting part of the project, according to developers’ plan, should become entertainment zone, which analogs don’t exist not in Ukraine only, but in Former Soviet Union countries, Poland and Turkey also. Conception of thematic park in SEC “Respublika” is elaborated by Belgian company “KCC” – world-wide acknowledged leader in best contemporary family entertainment centers development.

Scientists state that one person spends from 2 to 5 years of its life on shopping. So what’s the reason to spend additional time searching other alternatives and variants, when all the brands and formats will be gathered in the most colossal country shopping mall. Overall length of SEC “Respublika” shopping galleries stretch will be record-setting – 3000 meters! More than 240 000 goods of different categories will be placed on the shells of the shops.

“Respublika” will indeed become the biggest trade and entertainment complex for the whole family, where you can easily spend the whole day.

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