Respublika residential complex

The mixed-use development “Respublika” is an absolutely new conceptual solution of a real estate project for Ukraine: an environment where people will be fully provided with all necessary infrastructural facilities needed for a satisfying lifestyle. This concept exactly is reflected in our slogan – CLOSER TO HAPPINESS.

Local area residents won’t have to look for the cosy places to have good rest and meet friends, or think where to spend days-off with their families, because everything is nearby social infrastructure facilities, places for shopping and entertainment, created especially for you and ensuring comfort 24/7.

45 low-rise buildings for 14 000 apartments will be constructed under block site development principle which is being used now in world town planning practice in Spain, Holland, Sweden, Germany, Argentina. Under this principle exactly new quarters of Madrid, Barcelona, Antwerpen and other European cities are being built.

Total residential area will be over 1 million sq.m.

Modern infrastructure will be represented by the hotel, bus station, hospital, kindergartens, schools, multistory above-ground parking, etc. However, it wont be totally built future local area residents, as well as their guests, will be pleased by special recreation zones: parks, alleys and water basins.

The biggest in Ukraine shopping and entertainment center will be located nearby, impressing people by the number of stores, as well as new ways of entertainment which are not represented in Ukraine for now.

This residential area wont be similar to any other one in the capital; it is being created for people who have good taste, true connoisseurs of beauty and peculiar lifestyle. Brand style of Respublika has been developed by Artemiy Lebedev Studio. Everything will please your eyes here, even the electricity bill decorated with the corporate logo.

Our residential complex - is a real Republic of happiness dedicated to bring people positive emotions only.

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